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香港で2010年に設立され、後に2013年にサンフランシスコ、日本、韓国に広がり、ブランドを問わずヒップホップ·アーティスト、プロスポーツ選手、大学生や技術者の数とそのマークをしました。 1ライフスタイルに東洋と西洋の両方の文化を配合することにより、ミントは、より多様な文化に訴えます。ミントのラインは、衣類、スニーカーやアクセサリー(アウター、パーカー、シャツ、帽子、キーホルダー、靴下)への旅行用品(すなわち、ダッフルバッグ、バックパック、コインポーチ、財布)からのすべての-ものを提供しています。



A lifestyle brand that blends fashion and style, while keeping things fresh and innovative. Always Fresh, their motto, is a grassroots movement of cutting edge ideas which keep things fun and original. There ideas are interpreted and translated into a lifestyle brand Mint Worldwide.

Founded in 2010 in Hong Kong, and later spreading to San Francisco, Japan and Korea in 2013, the brand has made its mark with a number of hip-hop artists, professional athletes, college students and techies alike. By blending both eastern and western cultures into one lifestyle, Mint appeals to a more diverse culture. Mint's line features every-thing from travel goods (i.e. duffle bags, back packs, coin pouches, wallets) to clothing, sneakers and accessories (outerwear, hoodies, shirts, hats, key chains, socks).

Mint Worldwide was fist put on the map in 2012 with the introduction of the exclusive Anaconda Series. The main attraction was the Anaconda full size backpack and duffle bag. With clothing and other accessories being added shortly after the release of these travel goods, artist such as ASAP Rocky, Young Jeezy, YG,  Juicy J and Raekwon were instantly attracted to the brand, making Mint an overnight successful underground brand.

Being featured on media outlets such as Complex Magazine and YRB Magazine, Mint is steadily gaining the attention of both the streets and media and is growing into a revolutionary lifestyle brand. Along with the support of worldwide accounts, the brand is also gaining notoriety in other lights of the globe. Making their presence known, Mint hopes to flourish into your favorite brand by providing quality and stylish goods that are seemingly timeless pieces, while reminding you to keep it always fresh and to be the greatest you can be.


Mint Worldwide


Tel:  (408) 809-1909 / Email : Sales@mint-worldwide.com