Smell Absorbent Essentials Pouch

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Smell Absorbent Essentials Pouch

Smell Absorbent Essentials Pouch are made with the highest quality materials and odor locking zippers, and stitching in the industry. Perfect for carrying your daily essentials, keys, cell phone etc. Durable, water repellant, and odor absorbent. The outer shell is made of a heavy duty ballistic nylon for its rugged properties, and then combined with a water repellant layer, for a highly durable finish. The interior of the bag features an odor absorbent carbon lining with a protective thick nylon mesh barrier. All zippers are military grade waterproof zippers for maxium durability and longevity. Comes with shoulder straps and has D-rings for multiple carrying combonations and use of a Caribiner.

  • Dimensions:
  • Height : 6.5"
  • Width : 4"
  • Depth : 2.5"